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如何在symfony 3中上传简单形式的多个文件

I want to create a form with multiple files (images) upload in Symfony 3 and and simple form (i'm not using symfony form builder), but i get only one file (the first file). i'm using POSTMAN for send files via post method.

public function testAction(Request $request)
    $file = $request->files->get('images');

    $ext = $file->guessExtension();
    $file_name = time() . '.' . $ext;
    $path_of_file = 'uploads/test';
    $file->move($path_of_file, $file_name);

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    dqzg62440 dqzg62440 2017-12-15 08:10

    You didn't provide enough information, but maybe the problem is that you didn't set key property as array in Postman like this 'images[]' - than your Symfony endpoint will get an array of UploadedFile objects with all the needed data about your files and you also need to put foreach in your code here:

    public function testAction(Request $request)
        $file = $request->files->get('images');
        foreach ($file as $item) {
        do some operations
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