2018-08-30 20:51
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在CodeIgniter for Oracle中设置数据库模式

I'm trying to learn CodeIgniter and just getting my hands dirty with the model component of the MVC architecture.

I first tried using the query builder but found that it keeps adding quotes to my table/column names. A way to fix that is to use all caps on them and that fixed it. I hate writing in all caps though so I decided to just not use the query builder and do $this->db->query(); instead.

The issue I have with this right now is that I have to constantly write the schema with the table name: SELECT * FROM schema.table_name. I would like to avoid having to write schema. for all tables I need to reference.

I browsed the documentation and saw a configuration for setting schemas however it seems like it's only used with PostgreSQL and ODBC drivers. I still tried it but of course it didn't work as I expected. I still get an error saying the table could not be found.


I am logged in as my user but I need to run queries as a different user - i.e. logged in as user1 but need to run queries as user2.table_name.

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