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禁用特定路由上的Cookie - Laravel 5.7

Laravel 5.7

Hello, I have a (hopefully) fairly simple problem I can't seem to fix.

I have API routes that I have disabled the csrf token for, however the XSRF-TOKEN cookie still appears to be sent ( visible in postman ).

Along with this cookie, I have laravel_session cookie for sessions. ( also visible in postman)

The purpose of these routes does not require either of these cookies and I wish to increase response time and save bandwidth by sending less bytes ( remove the cookies ) since the actual cookie values pretty long strings, maybe a hundred character.

Is there anyway to prevent/disable these cookies from being sent on specific routes like I can with csrf-token verify?

Thanks y'all for any possible solutions.

Please comment if you'd like to see any code from any file and I'd be glad to add.

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    drt5813 drt5813 2019-05-26 03:57

    I solved this problem myself, I switched the route to a new middleware class that was not the default web (I guess the web middleware by default gives cookies) to a new minimal custom middleware.

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