2015-01-31 11:24

Laravel Eloquent Model将所有值都插入为NULL

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I have run into problems with Laravel Eloquent Model

I have a model as follow:

class Activity extends Eloquent {
    protected $table = 'activity';

    protected $timestamps = false;

    public $item;

    public $content;

    public $year;

    protected $fillable = array('item', 'content', 'year');

And the corresponding controller:

class ActivityController extends \BaseController {
     public function create()
         $activity = new Activity();

         $actitity->item = 'Example';
         $activity->content = 'Example content';
         $activity->year = 2015;


The above code should work fine and there should be a record in 'activity' table. However, all the value of columns of activity table are inserted as NULL when I run this code (except for the id column which is auto_increment).

In addition, when I var_dump the $activity (just before calling $activity->save()), the $activity with all of its properties are shown as expected (I mean, with values I've assigned before)

Is there any subtle error in my code?

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