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I have programmed a web site in HTML/PHP/Javascript that must display the data stored in a MySQL database every second. It displays it as a graph (PNG image produced by running graph.php).

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>Live Tracking Run'INSA</title>
        <script type = "text/javascript">
            function refresh() {
                document.getElementById('graph').src = 'graph.php';

    <p><h2>Visualisation des données</h2></p>
    <body onLoad='setInterval(refresh, 1000);'>
        <img id='graph'/>

visualiser.php displays the graph well, but graph.php does not update the last one as it is supposed to.

PS: The graph (made with pChart libraries) shows the heart rate as a function of time as well.

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  • dpppic5186 dpppic5186 3年前

    Fundamentally that looks fine. I suspect the image isn't being updated because the src isn't changing when you set it the second, third, etc. times. You could either clear it before setting it:

    function refresh() {
        var graph = document.getElementById('graph');
        graph.src = '';
        graph.src = 'graph.php';

    ...or give it an ever-changing URL by appending a query string:

    function refresh() {
        document.getElementById('graph').src = 'graph.php?' +;
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