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I try to adding text on animated gif with ImageMagick :

$source = public_path().'/test.gif';
$output = public_path().'/test2.gif';
$text = 'the cake is a lie';

// Create objects
$image = new Imagick($source);

// Create a new drawing palette
$draw = new ImagickDraw();

// Set font properties

// Position text at the bottom-right of the image

// Draw text on the image
$image->annotateImage($draw, 10, 12, 0, $text);

// Draw text again slightly offset with a different color
$image->annotateImage($draw, 11, 11, 0, $text);

// Set output image format


But with this code the image is no longer animated and the quality is very bad, any idea ?

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    doupin8555 doupin8555 2014-11-24 09:42

    Finally found :

    exec('/usr/local/bin/convert '.$source_img.' -font '.$font_location.' -pointsize 14 -draw "gravity south fill black text 0,12 \'some text\' fill white text 1,11 \'some text\' " '.$output_img);
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  • duan35557593 duan35557593 2014-11-23 13:24

    You probably want to use the -coalesce method to remove all optimisations from your GIF frames, then label it and then re-animate it with -layers Optimize, because otherwise the various optimisations (to the palette and inter-frame differences) interfere with, and reduce the quality of, your labelling.

    So, at the command-line, the process is like this:

    convert animation.gif -coalesce \
          -gravity SouthEast -background white ... <do label here>
          -layers Optimize output.gif

    Reference: See ImageMagick documentation here

    I don't tend to use PHP, but there appear to be methods matching the above functionality:

    Imagick Imagick::coalesceImages ( void )


    bool Imagick::optimizeImageLayers ( void )


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