dousong4777 2013-02-01 17:40
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在fieldset中添加验证消息而不是js popup

I have a php app, that has been pieced together, but I am working on an crazy validation piece, that i've got working. At the end of the validation, the following function runs and gives me a popup with the listed of required fields.

function showReqFlds(emptyFlds) {
    for (var i = 0; i < emptyFlds.length; i++) {
    var holdErrMsgs = emptyFlds[i]+' is required.' + "


Works great, but now I want instead of the javascript popup box, I want the error messages to appear in a fieldset at the top of my form.


User opens form, error fieldset is not displaying User clicks the submit button to submit form, but has not filled in a couple of the required fields Error fieldset appears, shows required field list, form is not submitted.

Any assistance would be appreciate. Thank you.

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  • doulei8861 2013-02-01 18:29

    Just think about this:

    function changeText(text)
    elem = document.getElementById('error_message');
    elem.innerHTML = text;

    And you have in your html page this:

     <div id='error_message'>I'm a error message</div>      
     <button onclick="changeText('error1');">error1</button>
     <button onclick="changeText('error2');">error2</button>

    With something like this you should do the trick.


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