2018-05-29 18:11
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Its known fact that we can use Json/XML parsing or Database to maintain a limited amount of data consistent on a given application and Website at any given time.

However, the dilemma is a project having few display textlines 3k-4k that are supposed to be consistent on both(App and website)on a selected UI, these text files may change at any given point of time. What will be the optimized method or steps of implementation for this technique?

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众所周知,我们可以使用Json / XML解析或数据库来维护给定数量的有限数据 申请和网站在任何给定的时间。

然而,困境是一个项目的显示文本行很少3k-4k,应该在选定的用户界面上(应用程序和网站)保持一致,这些文本文件可能会在任何地方发生变化 给定的时间点。 这种技术的优化方法或实施步骤是什么?

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  • douyue2313 2018-05-29 18:17

    Just my bit would be to store the data in on server as a text file and later use the website or the app to parse the given text file at given location to display it

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