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I am doing this in language/english/pages/about-me_lang.php:

<?php echo $this->lang->line('url_Contact')?>

and I am given this error:

Message: Call to a member function line() on null

so $this doesn't have lang...

What should I use to get lang line variable?

And how to know that is $this anyway? I mean in the whole thing (Codeigniter)


Update 1:

enter image description here

it is here, in these files that nothing with $this-> will work, like $this->load or $this->lang.

What is $this here and how to get $this that I can load files there?

Update 2:

$this is applicable inside a class context.

So it means that a php file in views folder belongs to a class (is it from a controler class context?), but php file under language isn't, hm...

Update 3:

So, in view we have CI_Loader and based on this:

is responsible for what it is responsible :)

...but, under the language folder, we have a different thing:

because when I try: $this->load->model('functions');

i get:

Message: Undefined property: CI_Lang::$load

Now, how with CI_Lang class to get that variable?

Update 4:

Found the solution, posted it as separate answer down below!

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