2018-11-23 09:53
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我可以在一个域中使用Laravel api.php和web.php路由文件吗?

I want make my website to work like api in some route requests(return some data or update data).

Is it possible in Laravel ?

Can I use same route name in api.php and web.php files ?

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  • dshnx48866 2018-11-23 10:01

    You can define 2 routes with the same name in both files and you won't get any errors.

    However, according to my tests it using your named route will take the route from the web.php before looking into the api.php file.

    In api.php like this:

    Route::get('mynamedRoute', 'HomeController@myfunction')->name('theName');
    // results in http://yourdomain.com/api/mynamed-route

    In web.php like this:

    Route::get('mynamedRoute', 'HomeController@myfunction')->name('theName');
    // results in http://yourdomain.com/mynamed-route

    if you use the name in one of your blades it will take the route from web.php, i.e.

    <a href="{{route('theName')}}">link</a>
    // results in a link to http://yourdomain.com/mynamed-route
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