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I have been using PHP for a very long time and for some reason migrating to a new server has caused a White Screen of Death. Obviously it must be because of a version difference. I have been using the same output buffer pattern for years.


$output = ob_get_clean();

return $output;

Recently I had discovered some problems in my normal/newer versions of PHP (5.4+ On my WAMP I think) while returning HTML sections and passing them around between views (I use MVC). They were displaying entirely to the screen and not being saved in the buffer at all. I found out that I needed a necessary flag in my ob_start() to let it know that buffers can be removed.

Like so ob_start(null, 0, PHP_OUTPUT_HANDLER_REMOVABLE);

However now that my page is live and not on WAMP the entire page now breaks and shows full whitescreen. I have all error reporting turned on and still nothing. Nothing showing up in logs, etc. So I have done a large series of echo "test"; die; to see at what line it is breaking and sure enough all is well when I remove the buffered sections that pass finished HTML blocks between views.

I need to figure out how to properly have my sections returned.

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  • doulu3399 2014-11-25 12:17

    You don't need ob_flush() in this situation because ob_get_clean() has already closed the output buffer.

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