2016-11-14 14:48
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在没有composer dump-autoload的Laravel中加载自定义php文件

I'm new in Laravel. I've been followed few threads of how to load custom php library to Laravel 4,2 without dump autoload. So far I'm unable or I calling the function incorrect.

What I have so far is:

  1. I file autoload_classmap.php I've added my class

    'ImageResize' => $baseDir . '/app/libraries/ImageResize.php',

  2. In file autoload_static.php I've added

    'ImageResize' => __DIR__ . '/../..' . '/app/libraries/ImageResize.php',

Then in my controller in the function where I want to be shown this class I've tried like this

public function upload() {

$FmyFunction1 = new \ImageResize(); 
    return View::make('site.admin.upload', [
        'FmyFunction1' => $FmyFunction1

Result is when I try to load /upload page I've got error:

'Class 'ImageResize' not found'

Is this error from wrong calling the class and/or error from not include correctly the class in Laravel at all? Can anyone help me?

ps. The reason I can't use dump autoload is because I have only ftp access to the host and I don't have SSH...

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