2017-08-01 07:30
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如何获取用户选择的按钮值并在laravel 5.4中的控制器上使用它

I am new with php and laravel and I have a problem:

How to get a button value chosen by the user and use it on the controller to retrieve specific information from database.

I get the "termkey" from the database and I need to know the value selected by the user.

This is my view :



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我从数据库中获取“termkey”,我需要知道值 由用户选择。


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  • duancaiyi7567 2017-08-01 07:36
    <button name="termkey">{{ $ca->termkey }}</button>

    change the upper to

    <button name="termkey" value="{{ $ca->termkey }}">{{ $ca->termkey }}</button>

    then in controller

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  • dongruolin5324 2017-08-01 07:41

    you have to use value attribute in your button tag and why there is a closing anchor tag I don't understand. IN value attribute u can set any kind of value you want. then u can access it in the controller like you did

    <button type="submit" name="termKey" value="{{$c->termKey}} "><span class="badge">{{$c->total}}</span></button>

    And please always try to paste code not image

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