2014-06-24 10:17
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Prestashop - 订单显示没有日期

Just wish to start I'm not great with Prestashop and been forced to ask here since my question on their support fourms has gone unanswered for 3 months.

I'm trying to help a site owner that runs a Prestashop site on "PrestaShop™" using a Barclay card payment for taken payments. This has the affect that orders no longer show dates. I'm unsure how to debug this or resolve so I'm hopeful someone can aid in pointing in the correct direction so I can understand this more and resolve this.

I can see that the order dates and times are showing correctly in the database so unsure why the order page isn't pulling the information from the database

Thanks in advance

More information: As requested from the comments the Database is correctly storing the dates of the order.

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只是想开始我对Prestashop并不好,因为我的问题支持他们四分之一被迫问这里 3个月没有得到答复了。

我正在尝试帮助网站所有者在“PrestaShop™”上运行Prestashop网站,使用Barclay卡支付付款。 这会影响订单不再显示日期。 我不确定如何调试或解决,所以我希望有人可以帮助指出正确的方向,这样我就能更好地理解这一点并解决这个问题。

我可以看到 订单日期和时间在数据库中正确显示,因此不确定订单页面为何不从数据库中提取信息


更多信息: 根据评论的要求,数据库正确存储订单的日期。

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  • dpwu16132 2014-07-04 08:57

    From experience there are many significant changes made to each new version of Prestashop, PHP, and Barclaycard's integration platform that could all impact upon the correct working behaviour of the module introducing bugs or compatibility issues unless the module is maintained and software updates made available to you.

    Have you upgraded your Prestashop version or PHP version recently? If so, do you have a working backup you could return to or compare with?

    Since this is a commercial software product your first port of call should always be to contact the original software vendor for support. There will likely be contact details for the original developers written into the top of source code files or in an accompanying readme.txt file.

    You'll be unable to post the source code online in a public forum and so it's unlikely we'll be able to help beyond signposting you to the options available, so with that in mind here are some of the options available to you in the event you are unable to reach the original vendor:

    • Paid programming support from a web development or hosting company that specialise in PHP development and have experience writing code for and supporting Prestashop installations.

    • The payment module you currently use for your Barclaycard ePDQ integration will unlikely be the only one available, since add-ons such as this are not usually very expensive you could try a different module from a different software vendor. A google search for "prestashop epdq" should quickly reveal the relevant modules available, though Barclaycard also list a couple of Prestashop software integration partners on their website.

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