2016-12-30 08:21
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Prestashop - 区分订单,无论是手动订单还是前端订单

I am started using prestashop 1.6. I want to show in order list (backoffice), whether it is from admin (manual order placed by admin), or frontend (order placed by customer). Is there any way to check this. I don't find any db field to differentiate it. If i missed, please help me to solve it.

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我开始使用prestashop 1.6。 我想在订单列表(后台)中显示,无论是来自admin(由admin放置的手动订单)还是前端(客户下订单)。 有没有办法检查这个。 我找不到任何db字段来区分它。 如果我错过了,请帮我解决。

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  • duangang79177 2016-12-30 11:35

    you need to check in _cart table by the join of _orders. recognize orders from BE of two columns:

    • id_shop_group
    • id_guest

    both will be 0 if they come from BE

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