2019-07-10 14:47
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在Selenium Chrome for Behat测试中将语言设置为en-UK

I am currently trying to run some behat tests using the @javascript tag. I am running a docker environment with Symfony 3.2 and I have attempted to change the language for chrome by setting an argument within the behat.yml:

       - "--window-size=1200,800"
       - "--lang=en-UK"

The problem I am trying to fix is the fact that <input type='date' /> is asking for an American format but I need the format to be UK in Selenium Chrome...

Any ideas?

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  • dongli7236 2019-07-15 11:26


    There is no known fix for this anywhere after deep research. The fix was to change the date that I was sending across from 1970-01-31 to 12-31-1970... if there is a better solution out there it will help with future projects/use of Selenium.

    The reason this can be done, there is no gaurentee that the user will always have a UK based browser.

    Other solutions are welcome :)

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