2013-07-09 22:28
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在没有Imagick的情况下,在PHP中将TIFF图像转换为PNG / JPG / GIF

I am working on a website for my client in which tiff images need to converted to png or jpg before they are assembled into a PDF.

I have read many articles, here and other sites, on this issue. They all recommend using Imagick to accomplish this. The problem is, my client's server does not have that extension installed, and the hosting company is unwilling to install the extension.

Nor is PDFLib installed on the server (which supports importing tiffs into a PDF).


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我正在为我的客户开发一个网站,其中tiff图像需要在组装之前转换为png或jpg 到了PDF。

我已经在这个问题上阅读过很多文章,这里和其他网站。 他们都建议使用Imagick来实现这一目标。 问题是,我的客户端服务器没有安装该扩展,并且托管公司不愿意安装扩展。

服务器上也没有安装PDFLib(支持将tiff导入到服务器中) PDF)。


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