2017-01-02 17:50
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Ok so I have this function that eventually returns and array return array($offset , $currentpage , $totalpages , $rowsperpage);

I would like to reference this array with keywords like $variablecontainingarray['offset] rather than $variablecontainingarray[0]

is this possible? I know something similar existed in python. >>> d = {'key':'value'}

i'd like to have a variable store the output of the array from the function and give a keyword to the values for easier reference.

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  • douxing8939
    douxing8939 2017-01-02 17:59

    In php you can use arrays in the same way.

    So you could do:

    return array(
        'offset'      => $offset,
        'currentpage' => $currentpage,
        'totalpages'  => $totalpages,
        'rowsperpage' => $rowsperpage,

    Furthermore you could use compact to keep it all on one line:

    return compact('offset' , 'currentpage' , 'totalpages' , 'rowsperpage');

    You can find more information on compact here:

    Hope this helps!

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