2016-05-22 16:10
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I am developing a 'online students discussion platform' for a certain university, i want a student to post a question to only students belonging in the same faculty so that if ICT student posts a question, the system extracts all the students in ICT faculty from the students table, attaches them to the post and inserts them into the table receivers.

The system is extracting all students from the students table but it is inserting only one student in the table receivers.


-students(regno,name,faculty_code) PRIMARY KEY regn
-receivers(id, regno,message_id)

how to do it?

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我正在为某所大学开发一个“在线学生讨论平台”,我希望学生发一个问题给 只有属于同一学院的学生,如果ICT学生发布问题,系统会从学生表中提取ICT教员中的所有学生,将他们附在帖子上并将其插入表格接收器。 \ n



   -students(regno,name,faculty_code)PRIMARY KEY regn 


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  • dongtang5057 2016-05-22 18:57

    Instead of having a table for receivers, a better approach would be for you to have a "faculty_code" field in the "message" table which would be populated with the faculty_code of the poster. So for each student, extract messages where student.faculty_code is equal to message.faculty_code.

    That way a student only sees messages posted by students in the same faculty as him/her.

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