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I'm using the PayPal API to Request Permissions from a merchant to access certain parts of their accout. One of these is the TransactionSearch method.

Normally using TransactionSearch is possible only when providing a USER, PWD, and SIGNATURE. However, I don't have access to that information from a merchant when using PayPal's Permissions service. The only information I have consists of:

  • a request token,
  • a verification code,
  • an access token,
  • a token secret
  • the generated signature (I'm assuming I generated this correctly)

Using this information, I put together the following X-PAYPAL-AUTHORIZATION header:

X-PAYPAL-AUTHORIZATION:timestamp=1337848711, token=DmyRT4TygwxPvfNExkH29I53S1il6yTmsJFwXRT7jLjaYyezOfUmnQ, signature=sphzCP0H47JTDJS8uuMsqWHAIAo=

So in the case of TransactionSearch, how can I use the information above to get the transactions I'm looking for? I can, of course, use my own USER, PWD, and SIGNATURE, but that only gives me my own transactions, even if I user the X-PAYPAL_AUTHORIZATION header. I need those of the merchant who I just got permissions from.

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  • doubingguan3425 2012-05-29 14:55

    If you are acting on behalf of a third party, you need to include a SUBJECT field in your data request and pass the email of the third party merchant. If you have authenticated with this merchant, you should get their information. In Python (sorry - don't have a PHP example) these are the fields I'm passing in as part of my data (not my header). My header is empty.

    return [('VERSION', self.api_version),  # This is 84 for me.
            ('user', self.api_username),  # This is *your* username.
            ('PWD', self.api_password),  # This is *your* password
            ('SIGNATURE', self.api_signature),  # This is *your* signature.
            ('SUBJECT', self.subject)]  # This is the third party's email.

    Note that this doesn't use the key at all, which is sort of out of the ordinary.

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