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在php sql数据库中搜索同义词

I am searching for string in mysql database in php,which i m doing with like keyword.The problem is when i am having synonyms entered from user.Like in the database i m having all the products with the name shoes,and user enters footwear or some mismatched words.how to search for these different conditions.. Please guide on this.

Currently i m using following select query

Select * from table where name like '%user entered string%'

Please guide on how to tackle these conditions

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我在php中搜索mysql数据库中的字符串,我正在使用like关键字。问题是我什么时候 从用户输入同义词。喜欢在数据库中我所有的产品都有鞋名,用户输入鞋类或一些不匹配的单词。如何搜索这些不同的条件.. 请指导。</ p>

目前即时使用以下选择查询</ p>

 从表中选择*,其中名称如'%user entered string%'
 </ code> </ pre> \  n 

请指导如何解决这些问题</ p> </ div>

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