2015-10-13 22:20
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I have "/foo/bar/url/" coming straight after my domain name.

What I want is to find penultimate slash symbol in my string and replace it with slash symbol + hashtag. Like so: from / to /# (The problem is not how to get URL, but how to handle it)

How this could be achieved? What is the best practice for doing stuff like that? At the moment I'm pretty sure that I should use str_replace();

UPD. I think preg_replace() would be suitable for my case. But then there is another problem: what should regexp look like in order to make my issue solved?

P.S. Just in a case I'm using SilverStripe framework (v3.1.12)

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我的域名后面有“/ foo / bar / url /”</ code> 。</ p>

我想要的是在我的字符串中找到倒数第二个斜杠符号,并用斜杠符号+ hashtag替换它。 像这样:从 / </ code>到 /#</ code>(问题不在于如何获取URL,而是如何处理它)</ p>

如何 这可以实现吗? 做这样的事情的最佳做法是什么? 目前我非常确定我应该使用str_replace(); </ p>

UPD。 我认为 preg_replace()</ code>适合我的情况。 但是还有另一个问题:为了让我的问题得到解决,regexp应该是什么样的?</ p>

P.S。 在我正在使用 SilverStripe </ code>框架( v3.1.12 </ strong>)</ p> </ div>的情况下

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