2017-06-19 03:09

如何在cakephp 3.0中运行文件shell作为服务器Docker的cron作业?


I have a issue and need to someone help me. I'm deploying a application use framwork CakePHP 3.0. I created shell file in folder src/Shell. I used server Docker with mysql and fpm and nginx. My local is Linux Ubuntu 12.04 Now i want to run this file as cron job. But i didn' find any document about that. I hope someone will help me. Thank you so much.

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  • dqwh1219 dqwh1219 4年前

    Out of Docker, in your PC:

    1: sudo crontab-e

    2: 5 4 * * * docker exec -i YOUR_PHP_CONTAINER /src/YOUR_PATH_PROJECT/bin/cake yourShellFile yourMethod

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