2014-03-25 09:44
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magento 1.8自己的扩展包空tgz文件

I am working in a magento 1.8 enviroment and have created a new extension the files are in folders :




I created an extension in the backend and it creats a name.tgz file, a package.xml and a name.xml. My problem is though the paths in the xml files look right, my .tgz file is just empty with a size of 47bytes.

I am new to magento so can anyone help me?

Greetings from Germany

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我正在使用magento 1.8环境,并创建了一个新的扩展名,文件位于文件夹中:

  magento / app / code / local / Package / Module / 
  -  IndexController.php 
  -  config.xml 

  magento / app / etc / modules / Package_Module.xml 
 \  n 

我在后端创建了一个扩展,它创建了一个 name.tgz 文件,一个 package.xml 和一个 name.xml 。 我的问题是虽然xml文件中的路径看起来正确,但我的.tgz文件只是空的,大小为47字节。



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  • dozug64282 2014-03-25 09:58

    Follow the target paths as shown in the below image and let me know if it didnt work enter image description here

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  • dourong9253 2016-05-14 05:32

    I had the same problem. Here is how I fixed it.

    I checked my system.log and found this:

    2016-05-14T05:11:22+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: md5_file(./app/code/community/LeadGrid/Widget/etc/config.xml): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/magento/lib/Mage/Connect/Package.php on line 643

    So you must have all the files of your extension properly installed in your Magento folder. When packaging your extension, Magento looks for the files you specified in the Package Manager.

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