2011-02-03 07:22



I am trying to create a page that shows the user their zip code when they are on my page.

(if any of you are familiar with GeoIP data, thats what I am using. )

I have a conversion that converts the users IP address into an IP number, that conversion is:

ipnum = 16777216*w + 65536*x + 256*y + z

where w.x.y.z are the ip sections (

My question is, using


is there a way for me to section the users ip address and assign the section of the ip address to variables?

for example:

usersip =

w = 192; x = 168; y = 123; z = 5;


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  • dousi2013 dousi2013 10年前
    list($w, $x, $y, $z) = explode('.', $ip);

    Also, instead of math you could convert your ip to int with ip2long

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