2014-04-30 23:55
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Next thing bothers me: hashing password makes them practically irreversible. So if I store password in database with any of hash alghorytms, on next login, how will I check is the password in database? Or simplier I wonder how to decrypt hashed password when logging?

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下一件事困扰我:哈希密码使它们几乎不可逆转。 因此,如果我使用任何hash alghorytms将密码存储在数据库中,则在下次登录时,我将如何检查数据库中的密码? 或者更简单我想知道如何在记录时解密哈希密码?

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  • dragonmeng2002 2014-04-30 23:56

    You hash the password the user provides using the same algorithm and compare it against the stored one.

    In PHP 5.5, there are new functions password_hash and password_verify built in for this that use the industy-standard bcrypt algorithm. In PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.3 (v 5.3.7+), the password_compat library provides the same functions.

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