2017-11-13 18:40
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在JOIN表中的Eloquent where子句 - Laravel 5.5

I have two models which are connected each other.

class Company extends Model {
   public function addresses() {
      return $this->belongsToMany('\App\Address', 'address_mapping', 'uid_company', 'uid_address');

class Address extends Model {

In my JOIN table I have a column named active. How can I fetch all active addresses from the company? Or how can I implement a where-clause in the JOIN table?

Thank you!

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  • douqiaotong8682 2017-11-13 18:54

    The table that you call a "JOIN table", usually called a pivot table. You can fetch all active records by using wherePivot method:

     $company = Company::first();   
     $activeAdresses = $company->addresses()->wherePivot('active', 1);

    Or you can directly define the relationship in your model:

    class Company extends Model {
       public function activeAddresses() {
          return $this->belongsToMany('\App\Address', 'address_mapping', 'uid_company', 'uid_address')
                      ->wherePivot('active', 1);

    See section Filtering Relationships Via Intermediate Table Columns in Eloquent documentation

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