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DB :: transaction()可以执行Eloquent查询作为事务吗?

Me: THIS IS A HYBRID QUESTION | Visitor: (wtf?) what this means?

I'm asking 2 questions in one (as it tightly coupled)

Using: Laravel 5.5 & Mysql

1. How do I delete related models in eloquent?

I'm trying to delete User which has the following relations

belongsTo Address, belongsTo Package, hasMany Orders, hasMany Comments

Orders cascade when User or Product gets deleted COmments cascade when User or Post gets deleted.

Now how do I can delete User & automatically have associated orders & comments deleted?

when I try to delete with $user->delete() laravel throws exception:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1451 Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`cybertron`.`comments`, CONSTRAINT `comments_user_id_foreign` FOREIGN KEY (`user_id`) REFERENCES `users` (`id`)) (SQL: delete from `users` where `id` = 4)

So I decided to use a transaction to delete, User, associated orders & comments, To make sure everything gets deleted.

But I didn't find any transaction in eloquent but in query builder (DB).

2. if I use transaction from DB & use eloquent to delete user ($user->delete) will this consider as a transaction?


DB::transaction(function() {


If not then how can I have a transaction with Eloquent ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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