Artisan无法使用数据库配置文件中的$ _SERVER变量

I am currently deploying a Laravel project on my shared hosting account. It is an open project and hosted on GitHub as a public repository. As a result I'm using dynamic variables set by an .htaccess file in my database.php configuration file for my production environment. This allows me to also update my deployment using a git pull command on my host which helps speed up work.

The database.php file has something similar to

$database = $_SERVER['DBNAME'];

$database_user = $_SERVER['DBUSER'];

This is much like what is done when deploying to PagodaBox & works perfectly fine for the application with all things functioning as expected in the browser, no complaints.

The problem I have is that artisan is unable to use these variables and will attempt instead to connect to the database using what I believe to empty variables when processing a migrate instruction. I get an error that artisan tried to connect to the databases with no password. I have been calling artisan using --env=production and have tested this but found that it will only work if the database.php file has the variables specified explicitly instead of as environment variables.

Is there a way of causing artisan to "see" these environment variables?

answers that have proved useful to me so far:


Environment driven database settings in Laravel?

2013/01/19 07:51
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