PHP会话变量在Firefox 63.0,MacOS Mojave上的Safari 12.0和iOS 12.0.1上的Safari中丢失

The latest Firefox, version 63.0, on both Mac and Windows, has somehow broken the login I have built for the admininstrative backend of my ecommerce website. This was previously working fine. I use PHP.

On successful login with valid credentials a $_SESSION['admin_logged_in'] variable is set to TRUE and I am correctly logged in and redirected to a starting page. However when I then attempt to navigate to any other page within the admin site I am immediately logged out as if the session variable has suddenly been lost.

On every single page at the very beginning, including the starting page, I have an include with a short login check script which is as follows:

//start session
session_start() ;
//check user is logged in
if (($_SESSION['admin_logged_in'] !== TRUE) || (!isset($_SESSION['admin_logged_in']))) {
    header("location: /index.php") ;
    $_SESSION['admin_reason'] = "illegal" ;

I may have thought this a bug with Firefox however recently I am also logged out, usually though after navigating through a couple of pages, by the latest version of Safari on iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave.

Currently working and no problems on Opera or Chrome (tested on Mac).

I have tried clearing the cache in Firefox and adjusting the privacy settings but no luck. I have spoken with my web hosts and they are not aware of any server side issues or changes.

But if there was a problem with the PHP code and session variables, since this is handled server side, presumably it would not work on any browser and also not worked previously?

Grateful for any suggestions.

I managed to solve this issue, please see my answer below.

2018/10/26 01:32
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