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使用Laravel Eloquent直接递增或递减列更新

I have a query where in I use Eloquent for finding the ID but what I need is to directly subtract inside the eloquent query ? same as in Query Builder,

Documentation code

$flight = App\Flight::find(1);

$flight->name = 'New Flight Name';


What I need is to directly to substract

$flight = App\Flight::find(1);

$flight->value =- 1;

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    doumaoao0182 doumaoao0182 2019-06-27 07:04

    use laravel increment() or decrement() method see


    second way u can achieve by update query

     App\Flight::where('id', 1)->update(['value' => \DB::raw('value - 1')]);
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  • donglang8008 donglang8008 2019-06-27 07:03

    you need to do this

    $flight = App\Flight::find(1);
    $flight->value = $flight->value-1;

    hope it helps! :)

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