2010-09-20 23:26
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Zend Framework - 使用WHERE和AND更新数据库行

To use where in a MySQL table row update in Zend Framework I have something like:

public function updateBySiteId(array $data, $id) {
        $table = $this->gettable();

        $where = $table->getAdapter()->quoteInto('site_id = ?', $id);

        return $table->update($data, $where);

and this, I expect, gives me something like...

UPDATE foo SET ponies = 'sparkly' WHERE site_id = '1'

But what if I want to create the following:

UPDATE foo SET ponies = 'sparkly' WHERE site_id = '1' AND type = 'zombie'

In the manual I don't see how to do this with quoteInto (or quote or some other safe method... which could just mean I'm looking in the wrong place but... sigh).

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  • douyouyi8878 2010-09-20 23:44

    Since the table update() method proxies to the database adapter update() method, the second argument can be an array of SQL expressions. The expressions are combined as Boolean terms using an AND operator.

    $data = array(
    'updated_on'      => '2007-03-23',
    'bug_status'      => 'FIXED'
    $where[] = "reported_by = 'goofy'";
    $where[] = "bug_status = 'OPEN'";
    $n = $db->update('bugs', $data, $where);

    Resulting SQL is:

    UPDATE "bugs" SET "update_on" = '2007-03-23', "bug_status" = 'FIXED' WHERE ("reported_by" = 'goofy') AND ("bug_status" = 'OPEN')

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