2010-04-27 18:22
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I have a zend form that I'm initializing as follows:

$form = new Form_XYZ();

I have a display group in that form, which I'm calling like this:

                                'legend' => 'General',
                                'disableDefaultDecorators' => true,
                                'decorators' => array(
                                                            array('tag' => 'div', 'class' => 'general')

I get this error :

    ArrayObject Object
         [exception] => Zend_Loader_PluginLoader_Exception Object
             [message:protected] => Plugin by name 'FieldSet' was not found in the registry;   used paths:Zend_Form_Decorator_: Zend/Form/Decorator/
             [string:private] => 
             [code:protected] => 0
             [file:protected] => /usr/share/pear/PEAR/Zend/Loader/PluginLoader.php
             [line:protected] => 406
             [trace:private] => Array

How can I add the FieldSet plugin to the registry? I'm using the default Zend_Form Fieldset decorator.

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  • douque9815 2010-04-27 18:39

    In the file Zend/Form/DisplayGroup.php, FieldSet was 'Fieldset' (lowercase 'S'). I changed it to Fieldset, and it works fine.

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  • ds11111111111111111 2012-12-06 14:14

    Yet, there is something strange : when including several subforms and setting Decorators to contain Fieldset, if you mistake to FieldSet (with capital S) on some of them, there's no problem.

    It seems that one lowercase solve the problem for all the others.

    Also, you can load the FieldSet class from Zend (Zend_Form_Decorator_Fieldset) and have everything works with capital S.

    (tested with Zend 1.11)

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