2012-10-13 20:31
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为什么我不能提交包含函数fgets()的文本? [关闭]

I use my website to code (and progress in my programming projects) online, during school, and send the code to my email address to continue working on it at home.

The text can be inside a <textarea> or an <input> field (with name="Code" id="Code").
Either way, I'm unable to submit text that contains the C/C++ function fgets():

TODO: Include a more stable function to get user input,
      such as fgets(input, 20, stdin);

I have no idea why submitting the text: fgets(input, 20, stdin) would be a problem, and why any text inside a <textarea> or <input> would be a problem since it's all just plain text, and not actual code.

When I click submit, while text in my <textarea> contains fgets(), nothing happens (instead of giving me Invalid input message or Email Sent message), and my text isn't being sent.

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