2015-05-15 12:54
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As you can see in this photo I have problems with eclipse while programming with laravel framework. The problem is eclipse is looking for php5.3 code but laravel and my local server uses php5.6. So how can i upgrade my eclipse for Php5.6? laravel and eclipse

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正如您在本照片中所看到的,我在使用laravel框架进行编程时遇到了eclipse的问题。 问题是eclipse正在寻找php5.3代码但laravel和我的本地服务器使用php5.6。 那我怎么能升级我的eclipse for Php5.6?

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  • dou47278 2015-05-15 13:31

    This is a Juno version released 2012. I would suggest upgrading to a more recent version that support latest PHP versions. Try the latest official release Luna Eclipse ver. 4.4.

    Follow the instructions here: or here:

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