2016-12-17 14:19
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如何解决laravel 5.3中未定义的路由?

My controller code is like this :

public function store(CreateUserRequest $request)
    $input = $request->all();

    $user = $this->userRepository->create($input);

    Flash::success('User saved successfully.');

    return redirect(route('user.index.'.$input['year']));

There is exist error like this :

InvalidArgumentException in UrlGenerator.php line 314: Route [users.index.2016] not defined.

When error, the url look like this : http://localhost/mysystem/public/users

My routes\web.php is like this :

Route::get('users/index/{year}', 'UserController@index')->name('users.index.year');

Route::get('users/create/{year}', 'UserController@create')->name('users.create.year');

Route::resource('users', 'UserController');

I want the url look like this : http://localhost/mysystem/public/users/index/2016

Is there any people who can help me?

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