2013-08-29 14:26
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Before someone tells me to go RTM or JGI, believe me I have.

I have a site.

I simply want to see a list of functions that are executed on page load, with the time it takes for each function to run to identify the bottle necks.

I've successfully installed Xdebug and have tried webgrind and codebug (mac app). But either I am looking at the wrong thing or they are not suitable. What I want is really simple, yet I can't seem to figure it out.

In an idea road I want to:

  • Load webpage
  • Alt tab back to some profiling app and see

    function foo()      | taken 300 ms
    function bar()      | taken 1200 ms
    function fid()      | taken 1200 ms
    function sticks()   | taken 31200 ms
    function lde()      | taken 1200 ms

Then I can go to sticks() and see what the hell it's doing and making my site slow.

Thanks in advanced.

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在有人告诉我去RTM或JGI之前,请相信我。 < 我有一个网站。


我已经成功安装了Xdebug,并尝试过webgrind和codebug(mac app)。 但要么是我看错了,要么就是不合适。 我想要的很简单,但我似乎无法弄明白。


  • 加载网页
  • 将Alt标签返回到某个性能分析应用,然后参阅

      function foo()| 花了300毫秒
    功能栏()| 花了1200毫秒
    函数fid()| 拍摄1200毫秒
    功能棒()| 取31200毫秒
    功能lde()| 花了1200毫秒

    然后我可以去 sticks()看看到底是怎么回事 它正在做并使我的网站变慢。


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  • dongzang5815 2013-08-29 20:00

    Try looking into XDebug:

    I think it will do what you're looking for.

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