2014-07-09 08:00


I have this jquery code:

    var sendArray=[{'value': '123', 'type': 'Buy_Order_ID'},
                    {'value': '44.20', 'type': 'Set_Price'},
                    {'value': 'John', 'type': 'seller_Name'},
                    {'value': 'S', 'type': 'Sell_Type'}

    var sendData = {'sendArray': sendArray};



and this php code - addToSession.php (it's just to test if it's working, the final code will be different):


It doesn't work. Nothing comes back. My question is, can I send an array of objects to $.getJSON? What other solutions are there to send arrays? It doesn't have to be array of objects, it could be array of arrays, if that would work.

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  • douyou3619 douyou3619 7年前

    You can, and this is returning the data you expect. You can test this by looking at the response in the Net tab of your browser's developer tools.

    It isn't being displayed in console.log because getJSON requires that the response it gets is JSON and you are responding something that claims to be an HTML document (the default for PHP) but which contains the output of print_r (which isn't valid HTML or JSON).

    Send JSON back and it will work:

        header("Content-Type: application/json");
        echo json_encode($_GET['sendArray']);
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  • douyi3760 douyi3760 7年前

    In this case you should use instead.

    JQuery.getJSON, as name of method says should be used to GET JSON data, and not send it. Thats because your array is converted to GET, and it generate json request like


    To send JSON data use with "json" dataType.

    $.post( "addToSession.php", sendData, function( data ) {
      console.log( data);
    }, "json");

    And your array should be in final like:

    {sendData: [ {'value': '123', 'type': 'Buy_Order_ID'},
             {'value': '44.20', 'type': 'Set_Price'},
             {'value': 'John', 'type': 'seller_Name'},
             {'value': 'S', 'type': 'Sell_Type'}
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