2018-02-13 12:54



According to the PhpSpreadsheet Doc it's neccessary to install it with composer. In my case I just have a webspace without Terminal but Plesk. Is it anyway possible to use PhpSpreadsheet, like it is with PHPExcel where you just have to place the files in any location? What do I have to do to get it run? I found no further information how to with only FTP webserver access.

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  • douyun3022 douyun3022 3年前

    In your case there are two options for you!

    Answer: 1

    Alternative method without terminal

    Run composer with a PHP script in browser

    Answer: 2

    Third party sites, which allow to download composer packages online. get PHPspreadsheet latest version.


    Bonus You can download almost any composer packages @ https://php-download.com

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  • duanbi1983 duanbi1983 3年前

    Have you considered installing composer locally, running it as instructed, and then just sending the generated files to the server via normal FTP? You install composer on your computer and run it there, then upload via FTP/SFP...

    Composer is not "necessarily" intended to run live while the user is downloading the pages, it is intended to be run "mainly" on your local computer and generating the files and dependencies that later on you upload to the server. It can update the files on your server, but that is a convenience not a necessity.

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  • dongwen7283 dongwen7283 3年前

    Smartpal, thanks for your pack, it works fine!

    Also it possible to replace folder:


    in Smartpal's archive with more fresh sources from phpspreadsheet github and it also will work.

    PS: If you have issues with reading xls files saved in encoding other than CP1252, you have to seek literals CP1252 in file ./src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Xls.php and replace them with other value that you need or some named constant or even mb_detect_encoding(). Then it will read such xls correctly.

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  • dongtazu3080 dongtazu3080 2年前

    By registering custom autoloader and PSR simplecache autoloader it is possible to fully workaround composer installation - see:


    Please note, that installation via composer is currently the only officially supported solution.

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