dqt66847 2011-04-07 16:33
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Or is it just at a 'finished' state? I've used PHPDoc for many years on all my PHP projects, but I recently noticed that the last post on the PHPDoc website was from 2008. So I'm wondering if it's time to look into other alternatives like Doxygen. Are there any advantages to using something other than PHPDoc?

EDIT: Interesting post on Dev Zone today when Matthew announced the release of Zend Framework 1.11.5 he wrote:

"Mike van Riel offered to convert our API documentation generation to DocBlox. We'd already been considering it for ZF2, but on seeing the flexibility of the templating system, and, more importantly for us in terms of packaging, the speed and minimal resources it utilizes in generating the output, we were sold. (API documentation generation time was reduced from taking 80-100 minutes to less than 10.) You can view the results for yourself." http://devzone.zend.com/article/13643

This is why I'm concerned, if large projects like Zend Framework are dropping phpDoc, it seems to me the inactivity of phpDoc is not going unnoticed. 100 minutes down to 10..that's what I like to hear.

@gms8994 good call

*UPDATE: So turns out DocBlox is PHPDocumentor2 in disguise/re-branded. http://www.docblox-project.org/

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  • dr637349 2011-08-12 13:29

    I have recently used Doxygen for generating documentation for PHP.This is open-source tool for documentation and support other languages too.I would say this is a good tool and it easily generate documentation as well as class diagrams and have lots of configurable features.It is available for Windows as well as UNIX/LINUX

    Can Find the latest release and DOWNLOAD Here

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