2013-01-10 22:31
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PHP / MySQL:使用预处理语句在WHERE子句中使用数组元素

I want to make a "dynamic" WHERE clause in my query based on a array of strings. And I want to run the created query using Mysqi's prepared statements.

My code so far, PHP:

$searchArray = explode(' ', $search);
$searchNumber = count($searchArray);
$searchStr = "tags.tag LIKE ? ";
for($i=1; $i<=$searchNumber-1 ;$i++){
    $searchStr .= "OR tags.tag LIKE ? ";

My query:

SELECT tag FROM tags WHERE $searchStr;

More PHP:

$stmt -> bind_param(str_repeat('s', count($searchArray)));

Now this obviously gives me an error since the bind_param part only contains half the details it need.

How should I proceed?

Are there any other (better) way of doing this?

Is it secure?

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