douwanc63652 2018-01-20 20:47
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I am using dep to manage the dependencies of a Go tool I'm writing.

This tool uses as an dependency. This in turn uses as a dependency. The problem is that when trying to run my tool I get the following error: vendor/ unknown field 'HistorySearchFold' in struct literal of type readline.Config

I know why this is happending. grumble uses the master branch of readline as a dependency. In this the field HistorySearchFold is available. When using dep init/dep ensure not the master but the 1.4 tag is pulled into the vendor folder.

My question therefore is: How can I force dep to pull the master branch instead?

I tried adding the following in my Gopkg.toml file:

  branch = "master"
  name = ""

Sadly this is not working. When I check the version pulled into the vendor folder it is still 1.4.

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