2018-12-04 06:08
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When adding new dependencies using dep ensure -add <package> I see dep adding the complete repository of the package, instead of just the parts I require.

For example I added aws-sdk-go and dep ensure put 87MB of files into my vendors folder, even though I only use the AWS Secrets Manager service.

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  • dsgixl5195 2018-12-04 06:08

    To resolve this you need to define [prune] settings which determine what files and directories can be deemed unnecessary, and thus automatically removed from vendor/.

    The following options are currently available:

    • unused-packages indicates that files from directories that do not appear in the package import graph should be pruned
    • non-go prunes files that are not used by Go
    • go-tests prunes Go test files

    Out of an abundance of caution, dep non-optionally preserves files that may have legal significance.

    Pruning options are disabled by default. However, generating a Gopkg.toml via dep init will add lines to enable go-tests and unused-packages prune options at the root level.

      go-tests = true
      unused-packages = true

    The same prune options can be defined per-project. An additional name field is required and, as with [[constraint]] and [[override]], should be a source root, not just any import path.

      non-go = true
        name = ""
        go-tests = true
        non-go = false

    Almost all projects will be fine without setting any project-specific rules, and enabling the following pruning rules globally:

      unused-packages = true
      go-tests = true

    It is usually safe to set non-go = true, as well. However, as dep only has a clear model for the role played by Go files, and non-Go files necessarily fall outside that model, there can be no comparable general definition of safety.

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