2018-04-12 10:32
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尝试使用dep获取依赖项时使用HTTP 407

I am trying to work on a Go open source project, on a corporate device. Attempts to address the dependencies via dep ensure command always return 407 PROXY AUTH required. I do have http_proxy and https_proxy environment variable set with values in the format http://user:pasword@proxyname:proxyport. I have also attempted to set the git configs http.proxy. But I do get the same error. What am I missing?


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我正在尝试在公司设备上进行Go开源项目。 尝试通过 dep sure </ code>命令解决依赖关系的尝试总是返回 407需要的PROXY AUTH </ code>。 我确实以 http:// user:pasword @ proxyname:proxyport </ code>格式设置了 http_proxy </ code>和 https_proxy </ code>环境变量。 我还尝试设置 git </ code>配置 http.proxy </ code>。 但是我确实得到了同样的错误。 我想念什么? </ p>

谢谢</ p> </ div>

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