2018-04-11 09:47
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如何学习Go编程语言的内部知识? 对于菜鸟

Recently I've participated several Go job interviews. The first one asked me How is channel implemented?, then the second one asked How is goroutine implemented?. Well as you can guess, the next one asked How is a Go interface implemented?.

I've been using Go for six months, but to be honest I never did care or know these Go internals.

I tried to learn these by reading the source code of Go, but can't really understand the quintessence.

So the question is, for a noob in Go, how do I learn the Go internals?

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最近,我参加了几次Go求职面试。 第一个问我如何实现通道?,然后第二个问 goroutine如何实现?。 可以猜到的是,下一个问 Go接口的实现方式是什么?

我已经使用Go六个月了,但是说实话 我从不在乎或不了解这些 Go内部结构



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