2017-10-13 09:34
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I'm a java developer and I am learning Go. I'm writing simple 'pop' operation for a LIFO stack. The question is with the return value when there are no values in the stack. In java, I'm able to return a wrapper(Integer) in the positive case and null when there are no values. It's natural from my perspective.

How can I do something similar in Go? Are there any struct wrappers for primitives? Do I need to return two values(the second will indicate error code)? Or do I need to throw an exception?

Here's how it looks for now:

func (s *stack) Pop() (int, bool)  {
    if s.size == 0 {
        return 0, true
    val := s.stack[s.size]
    return val, false

Is it good style?

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我是Java开发人员,正在学习Go。 我正在为 LIFO堆栈。 问题是堆栈中没有值时的返回值。 在Java中,我可以在肯定的情况下返回wrapper(Integer),在没有值的情况下返回null。 从我的角度来看这很自然。

如何在Go中执行类似的操作? 是否有用于原语的结构包装器? 我是否需要返回两个值(第二个将指示错误代码)? 还是我需要抛出异常?


  func(s * stack)Pop()  (int,bool){
,如果s.size == 0 {
 val:= s.stack [s.size] 
返回val,  false 


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  • douguio0185 2017-10-13 09:43

    Since a number can't be nil, you can't return nil for integer, unless you define the return value as a pointer. The idiomatic solution in Go is by defining your method to return more than one values, e.g.

    func (s *stack) Pop() (int, bool) {
        //does not exists
        if ... {
            return 0, false
        //v is the integer value
        return v, true

    Then somewhere you can call Pop as

    s := &stack{}
    if v, ok := s.Pop(); ok {
        //the value exists

    Take a look at comma, ok idiom.

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  • dtl19910708 2017-10-13 09:41

    There's no try/catch constructs in Go, so you can't rely on that.

    Go has instead a nice feature of allowing multiple return values. And their error handling is built on that.

    So the canonical way to deal with the possibility of an exception is to return both a value and an error. After the operation, the error is checked and acted upon, ignoring the value. In your case you can keep the value as an int, and use a default value of 0 in the case of an error. Since clients would hopefully ignore the value in that case and do something about the error.

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