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I'm just getting started with golang and I'm attempting to read several rows from a Postgres users table and store the result as an array of User structs that model the row.

type User struct {
    Id  int
    Title string

func Find_users(db *sql.DB) {
    // Query the DB
    rows, err := db.Query(`SELECT, u.title FROM users u;`)
    if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) }

    // Initialize array slice of all users. What size do I use here? 
    // I don't know the number of results beforehand
    var users = make([]User, ????)

    // Loop through each result record, creating a User struct for each row
    defer rows.Close()
    for i := 0; rows.Next(); i++ {
        err := rows.Scan(&id, &title)
        if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) }

        log.Println(id, title)
        users[i] = User{Id: id, Title: title}

    // .... do stuff

As you can see, my problem is that I want to initialize an array or slice beforehand to store all the DB records, but I don't know ahead of time how many records there are going to be.

I was weighing a few different approaches, and wanted to find out which of the following was most used in the golang community -

  1. Create a really large array beforehand (e.g. 10,000 elements). Seems wasteful

  2. Count the rows explicitly beforehand. This could work, but I need to run 2 queries - one to count and one to get the results. If my query is complex (not shown here), that's duplicating that logic in 2 places. Alternatively I can run the same query twice, but first loop through it and count the rows. All this would work, but it just seems unclean.

  3. I've seen examples of expanding slices. I don't quite understand slices well enough to see how it could be adapted here. Also if I'm constantly expanding a slice 10k times, it definitely seems wasteful.


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