2018-06-05 09:16
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I have a PHP script in which i'hv created some array formats (data structures) which i want to convert the same array structure using Golang.

Below is the array structure of my PHP script

   $response['spf']['current_value']  = $spfValue; // this will  be the array of strings
   $response['spf']['required_value'] = "v=spf1 a include:32782.pppp.com ~all";            
   $response['spf']['is_verified']    = $isValidSpf; //this will be int
   $response['spf']['spf_matched']    = $isMatched;  //this will be int

The outut of above script will be Array of key named SPF

[spf] => Array
        [current_value] => Array
                [0] => v=spf1 a -all,
        [required_value] => v=spf1 a  include:32782.pppp.com ~all
        [is_verified] => 0
        [spf_matched] => 0

As i am a new in golang , Need some golang code which will return same output as per PHP script

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  • dsl2014 2018-06-05 13:16

    Hope below code will help you out. Make struct according to your JSON.

    package main

    import (
    type Resp struct {
        Spf Param `json:"spf"`
    type Param struct {
        Is_verified    int            `json:"is_verified"`
        Spf_matched    int            `json:"spf_matched"`
        Required_value string         `json:"required_value"`
        Current_value  map[int]string `json:"current_value"`
    func main() {
        str := make(map[int]string)
        str[0] = "v=spf1 a -all,"
        resp := Resp{Spf: Param{Is_verified: 0, Spf_matched: 0, Required_value: "v=spf1 a  include:32782.pppp.com ~all", Current_value: str}}
        js, _ := json.Marshal(resp)
        fmt.Printf("%s", js) 
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