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Please forgive the newbie Golang question, I am coming at this having basic Python expereince:

I am trying to workout how to insert a string variable, within a variable named body, which is used within an AMQP library further on in my program.

body expects a string value which is enclosed within double quotes. For example:

body := "This messages contains,variable1"

In my program I am creating a variable as an int64 data type and converting it to a string.

    TimeNow := currentEpochTime()     // Sets TimeNow to an int64 epoch timestamp
    variable1:= string(TimeNow)       // Converts TimeNow to a string

I am trying to insert variable1 after "This messages contains, - and then enclose it with " - so that something like the below is passed to the AMQP library via the body variable.

    body := "Timestamp,1513011846048"

Can you give any pointers on how to do this - this may also be useful for other Go newbies going forward...

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    doutui2016 doutui2016 2017-12-11 18:45

    Use the fmt package: body := fmt.Sprintf("Timestamp,%d", TimeNow)

    The string() conversion converts an integer to a string, but not in the way you think.

    See Effective Go for an introduction to formatting and printing strings.

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