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I have just started using Go (GoLang) and I am finding it a great language. However, after many years of UML and the Object Oriented methods, I find that modelling Go programs (Reverse engineering) is a bit problematic, in that Go Structs contain properties/state, but no methods, and methods/functions that use Structs as parameters (even the ones that do magic so that it makes a Struct look like an object), don't contain methods, or state.

Does this mean I should be using another Methodology to model a Go Program or does UML sufficiently model the language constructs?

Yes I know that if you use methods on the Structs that the behavior of an object in UML can be mapped into Go via a combination of a Struct and a Struct Method, but I am finding this to be wrong, an impedance mismatch in paradigms of sorts.

Is it time for a new (perish the thought!) diagramming technique, for the brave new world where behavior is no longer controlled by an object? can behavior be modeled without reference to the state that it is affecting?


I am trying Data Flow Diagrams out, to see if they fit better to the paradigm. So far so good, but I think I am going to come unstuck when I model the Methods of a Struct, the compromise in the DFD being that they are treated as Functions. :(

Go supports inheritance!!! arghhh!!! (head is blown clean off.) you can compose a Struct which is made of another Struct, which has methods, that the Sub Struct now getting this? my mind is blown. Means that UML IS valid...fully but it feels dirty.

Go Does not support inheritance, it just appears so. :) DFD's it is then!

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